What is the Importance Of Home Physiotherapy?

September 21, 2021

Physiotherapy is a treatment associated with a therapeutic procedure and is provided to people suffering from a range of injuries or disabilities. Some of which include back pain, neck pain, ligament issues, neurological disorders, joint problems and sports injuries. It aims at providing relief to the individual, allowing them to get back their strength and movement. There is no one-size-fits-all technique; instead, there are various treatment techniques best suited to treat your specific condition. Some of the physiotherapy techniques that are widely used are manual therapy procedures, electrotherapy techniques or different sorts of exercise programs. Massage stretching, massage acupuncture and trigger point therapy are some of the other techniques used for joint mobilisation.


If you are someone who has recently suffered an injury or has a medical disorder that requires physiotherapy, you should go for home physiotherapy. There are a variety of physiotherapy rehabilitation centres in Bangalore that you can choose from for the best treatment technique. Wondering why there is so much significance given to home physiotherapy? Here is a list of reasons why.


Immediate Attention: Unlike receiving physiotherapy at a hospital/clinic, there is no waiting period at home. You don’t have to stand in the queue or wait for the previous patient to finish their session. Not to mention, this consumes so much of your time. Whereas at home, as soon as the physiotherapist arrives as per the booked time, they can attend to your pain and discomfort and look at the best techniques to provide you relief.


Zero Strain and No Added Pain: When you are in pain, all you want to do is limit movement. Moving around might strain the injury or cause you more pain. That’s the last thing you want right now! But with home physiotherapy, there is no hassle of travelling and no chance of hurting your injury further. At home, you are completely free of any such possibility while staying in your comfort zone.


Customised Exercises and Treatments: The best part of home physiotherapy is that you can personalise your treatment to a great extent. You can speak to your physiotherapist in detail and coordinate with them based on your condition. You can discuss your daily routine with them and the tasks you are involved in, which will help them get a better idea of what is the best physiotherapy treatment for you. You can also schedule your sessions based on the availability and comfort to exercise during the day.


Faster Recovery: There is nothing better than being in the comfort of your home, especially when you are unwell. When home, you are the least awkward and completely comfortable. Many researchers have found that people recover faster in familiar surroundings than in hospitals. Thanks to home physiotherapy, lack of comfort or a familiar surrounding will not stay in the way of quick recovery. It is a more feasible option today, and doctors swear by home treatment methods.


Home Safety: Last and the most important factor is that your physiotherapist can have access to your surroundings and assess for any possible risk factors at your home. Based on your home environment your physiotherapist can provide you advice on how to make your daily tasks a lot easier. This is not possible when you visit your doctor in the hospital. They have no idea of your home surroundings and might fail to provide the best technique and exercises for you.


Home physiotherapy allows you to be more focused on your injury. With conventional physiotherapy, you have so many things to worry about; from commute, time and waiting period to fear of straining your injury further. Specialist Hospital is the best physiotherapy rehabilitation centre in Bangalore. Our physiotherapy department specialises in sports medicine, joint replacement and neurological movement disorders. Our team of expert physiotherapists aim at restoring, maintaining and increasing your physical mobility, strength and function. If you or a loved one requires physiotherapy treatment, call us today and schedule an appointment with us.

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