Specialist Hospital’s Paediatrics centre of excellence provides growth & nutrition, vaccination, prevention health care, 24 hours of emergency services, OPD services and vaccinations. We also offer inpatient services with 24 hours of qualified paediatrician coverage, a paediatrician and neonatal intensive care, and surgical services including Cardiac and Neurosurgical Care. Also, all other paediatric sub specialities and daycare services with short-term hospitalization.

Specialist Difference

The Specialist Hospital’s Paediatrics department comprises a well qualified and experienced team of doctors. Our institute provides outpatient, inpatient and intensive care services. Trained intensivists and nurses are organised in respective sub-specialities to ensure best results.

Role of a Paediatrician

  • To conduct physical exams
  • Recommend immunizations
  • Check if the child is meeting developmental goals – speech, response, weight gain or any other physical and mental milestones
  • Treat children’s illnesses, infections, injuries
  • Advice on nutrition and fitness for the child
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