Keeping Diabetes under check during Christmas

December 23, 2021

Christmas and the New year bring a lot of cheer & happiness to all of us. Being aware and watchful of what you eat is a proper way to celebrate this season with friends, family and loved ones. Maintain a balanced diet and a positive attitude to enjoy this time of the year.  

Diabetics are usually very sweet and yearn more for festive goodies like cakes, pudding, cookies, kulkuls, burfis, etc. During this holiday season as these goodies entice you everywhere. Making smart choices with your nutrition, being conscious of what to eat and what to avoid will reduce the glitches that would make blood sugars play up. So, before it does, here are 10 STEPS that will help you keep your sugars under control without having to compromise from the pleasures of enjoying the yummy foods this time of the year. 

  1. MONITOR blood sugar, although the thought of pricking yourself every day make you squirm. New age monitors make it relatively easy and less painful. Maintaining a log of your blood sugar levels can be a healthy regiment to understand what is going on within you. 
  2. HYDRATE yourself – Drinking water is a proven remedy that is a must for your well being and health. Drinking lots of water reduces the urge to consume aerated and sweetened drinks. Keeping yourself hydrated helps to keep blood sugars in check and keeps you healthy. 
  3. Don’t SKIP meals – Hunger leads to anger. Have a wholesome breakfast that would avoid the craving to tuck into snacks. Like the old saying – All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast, the most important meal of the day. If you are too caught up with work to have a meal, consider grabbing portable on-the-go meals.
  4. PLAN ahead and visualize what is good for you to eat. Avoid being in a situation where your eyes are bigger than your stomach. If you’re invited to a get-together or party, carry a healthy dish that will supplement and go along with the meal prepared by the host.   
  5. Choose your CARBS wisely – Although Carbohydrates produce a lot of nutrients, it has the most influence on blood sugar. Choose whole-grain foods and carbohydrates that do not affect your blood sugars.
  6. Eat with a happy Heart & Never feel GUILTY. During this season, most of us tend to overindulge in eating & drinking beyond a point, that it leaves you feeling guilty. Relax, don’t worry too much, make sure you get back on course disciplined with your next meal.
  7. TONE down the festive recipes with healthier supplements to suit your situation. For instance, try adding honey to your beverage instead of sugar.
  8. QUANTUM of intake needs to be moderated to manage sugar levels. Overeating is merely a rejection of ourselves and affects our well being.
  9. CALM down. Eating slowly can help you enjoy the meal and make you aware of overeating. Eating slowly, chewing properly and drinking water between your meal helps the urge to overeat and eases digestion.
  10. EXERCISE will help you burn those calories down and keep sugar levels balanced. This will also help you avoid STRESS, as hormones from stress impact and causes blood sugar to surge.

Increased sugar levels cause Diabetes. Diabetes is a simple twist to one’s fate; adding a twist to your food habits can help you keep the faith. Remember, you are what you eat. This wonderful time of the year could be meaningful and cheerful if you could just be aware and take a few conscious steps to take care of yourself.



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