How To Keep Your Sugar Levels In Control This Onam?

September 6, 2022

Dr. N G Kanchan
Consultant – Internal Medicine
MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)

Every year, South Indians and Keralites celebrate Onam in the month of Chingam (August – September). The festival is celebrated in honour of the homecoming of the demon king Mahabali. The reign of the renowned King Mahabali was known to be a golden era for Kerala. So, Keralites rejoice this time of the year for 10 days with grandeur and delicacies. Also, Onam is a prominent harvest festival celebrated with Onam Sadhya, which is an absolute feast comprising 26 delicacies served on a banana leaf. When enjoying the splendour and feasts during Onam, you would love to indulge in scrumptious food. However, if you are diabetic or prediabetic, you need to be mindful when relishing the variety of traditional South Indian culinary delights to keep your blood sugar levels in check. 

Savouring the delicacies of Onam Sadhya relentlessly can cause elevated blood glucose levels, which can make you suffer from cardiometabolic disorders, hampered immunity, and increased risk of catching fungal and bacterial infections. This particularly occurs in diabetic individuals. So, it is crucial to keep a tab on your relishing Onam food specialities and exercise control over your blood sugar levels. So, you might be wondering how you can maintain healthy blood sugar levels while feasting on culinary delights this Onam, aren’t you? Here are some simple, helpful tips that can help you keep your blood glucose levels in check while enjoying the feast this Onam.

Easy, Helpful Tips For Diabetics to Practice This Onam to Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels:

1. Increase Your Water Intake to Stay Hydrated:

While you please your taste buds with Onam food specialities, ensure that you consume sufficient water daily. Make sure that you drink water-based fluids and non-carbonated beverages. It is wise to avoid sugary and carbonated fluids, as they can make you experience elevated blood sugar levels. While you might wish to quench your thirst often amidst the festive celebrations, resort to drinking plain water instead of sugary fluid or semi-fluid delights to keep your glucose levels in control. Also, you can go for herbal teas which help promote natural detoxification of your body and boost your immunity.

2. Be Active and Stress-Free:

While you celebrate Onam, focus on enjoying it cheerfully by avoiding stress. Make active participation in the preparation of the festivities. Also, keep up with your daily fitness regimen. Staying active and free from stress is the key to keeping your blood sugar and high blood pressure in check. Taking time out to perform physical activities, such as yoga, exercises, brisk walking, and other fitness routines, prevents you from turning obese and helps keep diabetes-related hazards at bay while you snack on various Onam food preparations. So, continue being active and cheerful while enjoying the celebrations.

3. Take Your Medicines on Time:

While you might be pretty busy preparing traditional South Indian delicacies and other festive preparations this Onam, ensure you take your medicines for managing diabetes on time. You can set an alarm on your mobile phone to have the prescribed medicines on time. If you are on insulin, it is crucial to have your insulin dose on time daily to avoid the risk of potential health complications. Also, keep your sugar testing kit handy to check your blood glucose levels if you suspect any elevation or dip in them or experience any symptoms of high sugar levels.

4. Avoid or Limit the Intake of Sweets and Desserts:

Sweet South Indian delicacies tempt everyone to relish them. Semiya Payasam, Palada Pradhaman, Unni appam, banana halwa, and Pazham Pori are some of the sugary delights that you would long to savour this Onam. However, feasting on them uncontrollably can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. So, make sure that you eat these sweets and desserts in limit or skip them, if possible, to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. You may also resort to natural sweeteners while preparing these delicacies, particularly for you, to regulate your blood sugar.

5. Avoid Fasting:

Devotees often hold fast during Onam celebrations. However, if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, fasting can lead to a dip in your blood glucose levels. While you might find fasting unavoidable during the festival, you should also pay attention to your health. To prevent a dangerous drop in your blood sugar, particularly if you are suffering from diabetes or any other concerning health condition, it is wise to avoid fasting. 

6. Practice Mindful Eating and Avoid Feasting:

As Onam Sadhya offers you 26 South Indian food specialities, you might find it hard to resist your urge to savour them. However, while enjoying Onam’s culinary delights, make sure that you devour them in moderation. Relishing excess delicacies can cause an elevation in your blood glucose levels, particularly when you have diabetes. You may restrict or avoid eating sugar-laden or deep-fried food specialities. Go for boiled, nutritious ones. Also, while enjoying Onam festivities, you need to keep a tab on your calorie consumption. Prefer eating a nutritious diet in moderation. You may substitute unhealthy snacks with nuts and fruits, which also help beat your hunger pangs healthily.

So, if you are finding it challenging to regulate your blood sugar levels this Onam and looking for medical assistance, get in touch with us at or call for emergency on 080 4212 2222. Our certified doctors and healthcare experts will be glad to attend to you and provide you with all the necessary dietary tips and medical assistance to help you maintain healthy blood glucose levels and keep the hazards of diabetes at bay. Enjoy Onam to the fullest by keeping your sugar levels in check with our specialized medical care.

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