Covid 19 & Pregnancy: Dos & Don’ts

Pregnancy is a period of happiness, anticipation, and excitement. But preparing for a baby during this pandemic can be scary and nerve-wracking. Although pregnancy itself alters the body’s immune system and response to viral infections, no studies prove that pregnant ladies are more likely to contract the infection than the general population, which is a […]

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When To Go for IVF

When To Go for IVF

Any decision regarding family planning, pregnancy, or children requires a great deal of planning and discussion. Bringing a whole new life into the world is not a task that ends in 9 months. From conception to sending out college applications, your involvement as a parent is crucial.  The first step to this planning is deciding […]

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Women’s health: 5 things women must do to stay fit

Hello, ladies! Have you ever prioritised your health before everything in your life? If not, it is high time you do. And when we say ‘staying fit’, it doesn’t mean eating less or working out way more than it is required. It means attaining good health with smart healthy lifestyle choices. Here are a few […]

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Sexually transmitted diseases: What you need to know, prevention and care

Diseases spread by sexual contact are called sexually transmitted diseases, commonly known as STDs. The transmission can happen through any sexual activity that involves vagina, penis, mouth, or anus. To start with, STDs are very common among people as they are spread easily. Some STDs are curable and some are not. So the best way […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Free Tests Drive At Specialist Hospital

Breast Cancer has become one of the biggest health concerns among women in India. While in other countries, the incidence of cancer doubles in 20 years, in India, the cases have been growing rapidly. As per a report by the National Cancer Registry Programme, the number of cancer cases is likely to increase from 13.9 […]

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Vaccination for children: What you need to know

Routine vaccinations for babies and children is a normal practice. As soon as the baby is born, the parents are handed over a complete vaccination schedule with all the information about the types of vaccines and the diseases they protect against, along with the age at which these vaccinations are to be taken. It is […]

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Gynaecology: Planning on a family, why should you visit your gynac first

Getting pregnant is not a momentous decision. It involves a lot of planning and mental preparation. While a baby brings great joy, it can certainly be a daunting and overwhelming process just to get pregnant. If you are looking to get pregnant and start a family, you must visit your gynecologist first.  Seeking help from […]

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