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Is Heartburn Just Gas – Or An Early Symptom of Heart Attack?

Dr. Vijay Soorampally Consultant Interventional Cardiologist MD, DM Chest pain can be alarming.  Your mind can jump to the worst scenarios: is this a heart attack? Then, you burp, and the pain abates.  Many people can neglect the serious symptoms of heart attacks, assuming that it’s just a gas problem. The truth is, heartburn is […]

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Cardiac Arrest Vs Heart Attack

Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest: Understanding the Differences and Taking Action

Dr. Prashant Wankhade Consultant Interventional Cardiologist MD, DNB Knowing the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest is essential: because although both entities look similar, they are not. These two conditions are often confused with each other, which is why it’s incredibly important to understand how they differ. In this article, we’ll break down […]

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High Risk of Cardiac Cases During Winters and How to Prevent It?

High Risk of Cardiac Cases During Winters and How to Prevent It?

We often associate winters with fever, cold, viral infections and respiratory diseases. But did you know drop in temperature can adversely affect heart health too? Yes. Lower temperatures increase the risk of all cardiovascular diseases. People with existing heart conditions are at higher risk during this season. These heart problems are caused by several factors […]

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How Do Heightened Emotions Affect Heart Health

We often use the expression “It broke my heart” to show exaggerated emotion. However, the expression is not always an exaggeration; it can sometimes have quite a literal meaning as well. Strong emotions that we feel have a direct effect on our heart.    Diseases we think are limited to our minds like depression, stress, […]

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What Is Arrhythmia? What Are The Causes And Cures? | Specialist Hospital

What Is Arrhythmia? What Are The Causes And Cures?

Having an irregular heartbeat when you are about to do something out of the ordinary or when you are scared is common. However, if you notice something irregular with your heartbeat even under normal circumstances, you might have Arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is the abnormal beating of the heart that is caused by the improper working of […]

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Lifestyle Changes For Better Heart Health

It goes without saying that maintaining good heart health is essential for a healthy life. The kind of lifestyle we are often forced to follow leads us to deal with many health issues.    Everyone knows what to do for a healthy heart— a balanced diet, proper exercise, and everything else we were taught in […]

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7 Things People With Heart Diseases Should Follow Because Of Covid-19

Though Covid-19 is a respiratory disease affecting the lung, it also has the ability to latch onto cells and spread throughout the body. When it affects the lung, the heart has to work harder to supply blood to the body. This is an added effort to the heart which can have drastic effects on people […]

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What is a cath lab?

A catheterization lab, commonly known as a cath lab, is an examination room in a hospital, clinic, or diagnostic centre where several types of tests and procedures like ablation, angiogram, angioplasty, implantation of pacemakers, etc. are performed. However, a cath lab is not an operation theatre. Heart surgeries like heart bypass operation are carried out […]

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Why is Love Good for Your Heart?

Love is in the air. Crisp February mornings punctuated with a touch of romance! Something about Valentine’s Day makes the heart happy, even for those who aren’t big on celebrating the day! You will find almost everyone shopping for that perfect gift for their romantic partner, parents or a friend. From an ultimate Valentine’s Day […]

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Regular habits that are causing harm to your heart

Regular habits that are causing harm to your heart – sitting in one place, trying too many fad diets (quick weight loss hacks), drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, eating out/binge-eating. “I don’t have any bad habits” most of us find ourselves thinking on a daily basis. “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink a lot, I don’t […]

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