Why must you donate blood? What are the advantages to you and the donor?

June 23, 2021

Did you know that one pint of blood from your body can save three lives? So, blood donation, in a way, brings you an opportunity to save lives even without being a doctor! How wonderful is that? Above all, the benefits of blood donation cannot be numbered. The interesting fact is that these benefits are not limited to recipients but also to donors. 

You should donate blood for several reasons. According to studies, every 2 seconds, someone needs blood. The blood donated from your body will get replaced in less than 2 months, accurately in 56 days. Every human being has 5-6 litres of blood in their body. A person can donate blood every 90 days, or 3 months. It will only take 15-20 minutes of your precious time to donate the blood and you will never feel weak after blood donation

Now here are some benefits of donating blood from donor point of view:

  1. Prevents you from the risk of heart attack and harmful iron store

Blood donation helps in reducing the body’s extra iron stores. Harmful iron stores will also get removed during this process. Similarly, high levels of iron in the blood constrict blood vessels and this increases the risk of heart attack. Thus when the extra iron stores are removed through blood donation, it reduces the risk of heart ailments as well. 

2. Lower risk of cancer

Consistent blood donation lowers the risks of different types of cancers like liver, lung, colon, throat, and stomach. This is also related to the iron reduction that happens during blood donation.

3. Free checkup

Blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, haemoglobin, etc. will be tested prior to blood donation. When you donate blood, you are also getting a regular checkup free of cost. 

4. Weight loss

Although not proven scientifically, there are claims that people have lost up to 650 calories during blood donation. However, it shouldn’t be considered an effective weight loss strategy. 

5. Satisfaction

This is the best. Donating blood is a life-saving deed and the idea of helping someone who might be desperately in need of blood will surely make you feel good about yourself. Mental satisfaction is a physiological benefit more than a physical benefit.

Blood donation is a social service that will benefit both parties. More than the health benefits, blood donation is more about saving lives. The health benefits come as a bonus! In short, blood donation is extremely good for you and even better for the people who are in need of it! When you choose to be a donor, you choose to be a socially responsible citizen!


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