When To Go for IVF

August 16, 2021

Any decision regarding family planning, pregnancy, or children requires a great deal of planning and discussion. Bringing a whole new life into the world is not a task that ends in 9 months. From conception to sending out college applications, your involvement as a parent is crucial. 

The first step to this planning is deciding what kind of fertility method you opt for. There are many aspects that go into this decision. One of the commonly chosen methods is IVF. From affordability to odds in favour, the reasons to choose IVF differs from person to person.


What Is IVF

When one needs assistance for the conception of a child, they opt for services like IVF. In-Vitro Fertilisation is the process of collecting mature eggs and fertilising them with sperm in a lab. This fertilised egg is then transferred to a uterus.

This whole process takes about three weeks or more. Based on the person’s needs and concerns, the egg and sperm could belong to the to-be parents or it could be from a donor. 

Though IVF is used mostly as a treatment for infertility, it is also sometimes used to avoid the inheritance of a disease that runs in the family or due to genetic problems. Since the reasons for choosing IVF are many, let’s look into when you should opt for one.

When To do IVF

In-Vitro Fertilisation is an expensive procedure where the results are subject to many conditions. The chances of success depend on the experience and treatment methods opted by your hospital and doctors, the health of the person carrying the child, and many other factors. You can opt for IVF under the following conditions:

  1. People with low sperm count
  2. Damage to the fallopian tube
  3. Problems regarding ovulation
  4. If both or either of the partners has been sterilised 
  5. Not wanting to pass on inherited genetic disorders
  6. Poor sperm function
  7. Unexplained fertility
  8. Freezing eggs due to problems like cancer
  9. Diseases and disorders regarding the ovary or uterus.

While there are other infertility treatments like artificial insemination, surgery, fertility drugs, you can choose IVF from the start. However, it is best to discuss your condition with a doctor to see if there are better treatment options.

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