What Is Pronal Breathing And How Does It Help?

May 5, 2021

A normal oxygen level in a human body is considered to be 95 and above. However, a decrease in the oxygen level occurs in many people, especially those with breathing problems like asthma. This can be problematic and fatal if not treated right away.

One may not always have access to external help. Under such circumstances, a technique called pronal breathing has proved to be very helpful. If you do have access to oxygen cylinders or inhalers, it is best to use them. But under other circumstances, here’s what you should know about pronal breathing to help yourself or your loved ones.

What Is Pronal Breathing?

Pronal breathing is the process of positioning oneself in a particular way that can help increase the oxygen levels significantly in a short amount of time. When oxygen levels drop below 94, it can be considered problematic. At those times, getting the patient to a prone position may provide instant relief if external medical help isn’t available.

To benefit from the prone position, you need to follow the right steps and be in a particular position. Let’s take a look into the steps to pronal breathing.

How To Be In The Prone Position?

Lie down on your stomach.
Place a pillow under your chest, hips and under feet.
Make sure there is enough space for the stomach to expand as you breathe.
Once the stomach is not restricted, place your hands comfortably over the head or on the sides.
Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
Change your position every 30 minutes to lie on your side, or sit up with your legs extended in front of you.
Adjust the pillows in ways you can be comfortable and don’t feel restricted or suffocated in any way.

What Does This Position Do To The Oxygen Levels?

This helpful position for patients suffering from low oxygen levels can help relieve difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and increase the oxygen level from 88 to 94 or even more. This position decreases the severity of the case while improving lung function and ventilation.

Knowing a maneuver like this that can be administered at home is a godsend. Being informed about pronal breathing may prove to be useful for yourself or your loved ones.

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