What care should you take to ensure your knees are healthy?

April 7, 2021

We never think about how much we take our healthy knees for granted when we walk, run, jump, or dance without pain or trouble. Is it going to be like this forever? No, unless you start taking good care of your knees. Now, you might now think that you are old enough to start worrying about your joints and muscles. But you are wrong. The joints get weaker as we age. However, some lifestyle changes and healthy initiatives from your side can protect your knees, or at least keep age-induced damage to a minimum.

Here are some tips to keep your knees healthy and to minimize the risk of experiencing pain, inflammation, cramps, and stiffness on joints. 

    1. Maintain a healthy weight
      Weight on the body = Pressure on knees. Losing weight helps in reducing pressure on the knees which in turn reduces the pain in the joints. Always try to maintain your BMI in a healthy range to avoid complications
    2. Stretch
      Include stretching in your exercise regime. Practising yoga on a daily basis is a good stretching routine to follow. It helps in supporting your full range of motion. 
    3. Stay physically active
      Keep moving and don’t stay idle. It prevents stiffness and helps in maintaining joint function. Apart from regular walking and stretching, you can include low-impact exercises like swimming, cycling, etc. in your exercise routine, at least once or twice a week.
    4. Strengthen your muscles
      The upper and lower muscles support your knees. Developing strong thigh muscles can thus protect the knee cartilage and minimize the stress on the knees.
    5. Use the right shoes and footwear
      This is a very important but often neglected routine. Try to go for comfortable and supporting footwear that fits you right. It even helps in maintaining a healthy posture while standing.  
    6. Don’t ignore your pain
      Don’t take pain lightly. It is important to consult a specialist doctor if you develop pain or swelling from walking, running, or any other physical activity, especially if the pain isn’t going away in a week or two. 

Knees keep us moving. We run, walk, dance, jump, and climb whenever we want to because we have healthy knees. Let’s keep them protected and safe and avoid unnecessary damage by following a few healthy tips.

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