Tips and tricks to keep your joints healthy

November 20, 2020

Keeping the joints healthy and mobile is a long, systematic process. The point where two bones connect is called a joint. Not providing adequate care to joints can lead to long-term conditions like arthritis as you age. Joints help us in staying mobile and physically active. However, keeping joints healthy is not a strenuous task. A few lifestyle changes along with some tips and tricks will keep your joints strong in a long run.

Stay active
It is essential to be physically active during the day rather than staying in one position for long. With more body movement comes more flexibility. With less body movement comes more stiffness. Thus keeping your joints in motion helps in reducing joint pain, strengthening muscles around the joints, and easing out joint stiffness.
Exercise regularly
Low-impact exercises like cycling, walking, swimming, etc. help in keeping your body in motion and shape. High-impact exercises help in strengthening the muscle core. Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary to reduce the risk of arthritis and joint-related issues. Exercises help in maintaining and attaining a healthy weight. It is also important to be consistent with your exercise regimen.
Your diet should have food items that decrease inflammation. It is advised to include a lot of anti-inflammatory food like fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, etc. in your diet while it is also important to avoid inflammatory foods like sugar, dairy, saturated fats, meat, etc. An ideal diet should also include food items of supplements that contain vitamin D and Calcium. A proper diet helps in maintaining a healthy weight as well.
Right posture
Maintaining the right posture helps in avoiding pressure on the joints. Poor posture can lead to misalignment of the spine. Avoiding slouching and hunching forwards to avoid joint stress and pain. Always stand and sit straight. While sitting, don’t forget to change postures and to take small breaks.
Stay hydrated
Drinking a lot of water can reduce pain caused by joint-related problems and improve joint health. Dehydration affects the production of synovial fluid in your body which in turn elevates the risk of friction pain and cartilage deterioration.

Mobility will be affected as we age. With the above measures, you will be able to keep control over your joints and thus movements to a large extent. Make your aging process a happy one with healthy joints.

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