Things to know before opting for an elective surgery

October 5, 2020

Surgeries are not something most people look forward to. But surgeries are important. While the idea may not be enticing, it is very important. At times due to certain complications, you might need to go through one. As the name suggests it is not an emergency, so it can be planned properly. As you will have sufficient time before you get the surgery performed, here are a few things you should know before considering elective surgery:

Research about the effectiveness
Be definitive of the results you are expecting out of the surgery. Ask your doctor if the procedure would completely free you of your ailment. Do this so that you need not have to continue on medication even after going through surgery for the same ailment.

Do the Background Research
Inquire about all the possible side effects you may experience after the surgery and also the cure. You should not end up getting rid of one problem just to attract another. You should also make sure you disclose all the relevant information about your other health conditions. There might be a possibility that surgery is not a suitable option then.

Be Prepared: Physically and Mentally
•Get yourself pre-optimized for the surgery. It will help doctors understand whether your body will be able to take the procedure and if not then you can get your body in the condition.
•Work on yourself, you get healthier. Do exercise, yoga or meditation it will help you relax and will also help you to avoid some risks during the surgery. For example, Aerobics will help your lungs to function better. Not necessarily but there is a slight risk of them collapsing after anaesthesia.
•Plan a proper diet. Eat healthy food and avoid junk. This will help you to function more efficiently before surgery and also help your body to heal better after surgery
• Talk to doctors about the medication that you are taking and if you should continue taking them or not. The effect of that drug might not be favourable for the surgery.
• Ask for pre-surgery directions and follow them properly.
•After your surgery, you should make sure that you follow all the directions given by your doctor. Pro-active care should be taken.

Elective surgery can be medically required or optional in any of the cases if you are planning on going for it, these are some general things that you should keep in mind. The particulars may vary based on the type of surgery. Hope you get well soon.

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