Should You Wait Or Go Ahead With Knee Surgery Now?

May 10, 2021

Most of us have the habit of putting off doing something that ideally needs to be done soon. One of the reasons for this is because we feel like there is no pressing urgency for it to be done. This is especially true when it comes to medical procedures.

Fear, finance, time, access to a caretaker, and more are all reasons why people put off getting a surgery. However, when it comes to having knee surgery, postponing that procedure may have dire consequences that you aren’t aware of.

So what should you do?

Get the surgery done exactly when the doctor asks you to. Do not delay it. When you decide to wait it out, your knee may be severely damaged. You may not be able to stretch it out. You will not be able to exercise, which can affect your overall mental and physical health. The delayed procedure may also be less effective when it is not done on time.

However, under some circumstances, you may not have a choice but delay the procedure. You may have a hard time prioritising your knee surgery over some other event that is happening in your life. Under such situations, what do you do?

Talk to your doctor: First things first, talk to your doctor and ask their opinion on whether or not you should be doing the surgery now. Talk about why you are having second thoughts. Doctors know the severity of your case and will only suggest whatever is best suited for you.
Ask about the risks with postponing the surgery: It is commonly found that delaying a knee surgery for more than 6 months brings in a greater odds of worse outcomes. Hence, asking your doctor about the risk of postponing can give you a better insight into making that decision.
Don’t make a decision by yourself: If you currently don’t have much pain or think you can live with it for a while more, you may be creating permanent damage to your knee. Until your decision is backed by a professional, don’t make one.
Get treated from hospitals that offer the latest treatment options: When it comes to knee surgeries, modern treatment options such as robotic ortho knee replacement allow a swift procedure and recovery, putting you at hardly any risk. If a minimally invasive procedure that has a high healing rate is available, then you may be able to do the surgery and not miss the other engagement you have.

Living with knee pain is not easy. Hence making that decision does not get easier either. However, the wise thing to do is trust an expert medical professional like we have at the Specialist Hospital. Here, we discuss the latest treatment options that can get you out of the hospital in a short time and thus reduce the risk you are exposed to. When you put your trust in the hands of Specialist Hospital, you can blindly put your faith in what our doctors recommend as we strive to prioritise your comfort before anything else.

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