Has Your Joint Pain Worsened In Monsoon? Learn Precautions And Relief Measures

Dr. Raghavendra H Consultant Rheumatologist MBBS, MD General Medicine, DM Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology The arrival of the monsoon delights everyone with soothing showers. However, arthritic patients or those suffering from joint aches may experience aggravation in their joint pain. Many of you may experience old injured joint or arthritis-affected joint aching with greater intensity […]

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7 Preventive Measures To Follow As Dengue Threat Looms Large In Monsoon

Dr. Adarsh Nayak Consultant Physician and Diabetologist MBBS MD- Internal Medicine Every year, after the scorching summer, the monsoon sets in with soothing rain showers. However, the onset of monsoon is also accompanied by several infections, and dengue is one of the most concerning among them. Several parts of India witness a spike in dengue […]

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Knee replacement- All that you should know about Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement, commonly known as knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement, is a complex surgical procedure to resurface a knee damaged caused due to arthritis. Inmost of the cases a Metal and plastic parts are used for the procedure that caps the ends of the bones that form the knee joint, along with the kneecap. […]

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how to handle omicron covid19 variant

Omicron – It is Time we know how to Handle it

We all know so many facts about COVID-19 that if asked to write an essay, we all will score huge. Covid regretfully has become a part of our lives. Instead of being afraid of it. It’s time we know how to handle it. Stressing upon the primary diagnostic tool of COVID-19, that is, RT-PCR. The […]

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Keeping Diabetes under check during Christmas

Keeping Diabetes under check during Christmas

Christmas and the New year bring a lot of cheer & happiness to all of us. Being aware and watchful of what you eat is a proper way to celebrate this season with friends, family and loved ones. Maintain a balanced diet and a positive attitude to enjoy this time of the year.   Diabetics are […]

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Winter Skin care for Glowing skin

Glowing skin is always the in thing. Keep glowing this winter season.

This joyful season could get unbearable for many of us. Low humidity levels and cold temperatures take away the moisture and natural oils from the skin. Dry indoor heat and Harsh winter wind levels make the Skin crack or even bleed, leaving us disappointed & stressed out. Symptoms: Dry Skin, Itchy Skin, Redness, Irritable Skin, Chapped […]

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What is the Importance Of Home Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment associated with a therapeutic procedure and is provided to people suffering from a range of injuries or disabilities. Some of which include back pain, neck pain, ligament issues, neurological disorders, joint problems and sports injuries. It aims at providing relief to the individual, allowing them to get back their strength and […]

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Covid 19 & Pregnancy: Dos & Don’ts

Pregnancy is a period of happiness, anticipation, and excitement. But preparing for a baby during this pandemic can be scary and nerve-wracking. Although pregnancy itself alters the body’s immune system and response to viral infections, no studies prove that pregnant ladies are more likely to contract the infection than the general population, which is a […]

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Breast Cancer: The Early Detection & Signs That You Need To Recognize

  How much do you really know about your breasts? Will you be able to detect the slightest change in them because that ability just might be what saves you from breast cancer.  Treating cancer of all types depends largely on when it was detected. When it comes to breast cancer, it usually doesn’t show […]

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Everything you want to know about Robotic Knee Surgery

Robotic VS Traditional Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are facing problems with the knee joint so much that even the most basic movements are becoming impossible for you to perform without feeling severe pain, you will most likely be suggested a knee replacement surgery. In such cases, you are presented with two main options – a traditional knee replacement surgery or […]

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