Everything You Need To Know About Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis, the disease of the lung, affects the respiratory system. It occurs because of scarring in the lung or tissue damage. The person affected experiences shortness of breath. It slowly leads to severe oxygen deficiency, leading to heart problems as well.   Pulmonary fibrosis has no cure but there are multiple treatments available to ease […]

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What Are The Functions Of Your Spine?

How well do you know your spine? If you can sit upright, bend, stand up, twist, etc. effortlessly, you probably have a spine that works well. The Spine, or backbone, is the body’s central support structure. It not only gives the body a structure but also allows the body to move freely and bend with […]

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Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer

Did you know that most cancers are caused by too much exposure to the sun and UV radiations? To add to this, UV rays don’t just come from the sun but also from a wide range of artificial sources like tanning beds and sunlamps too. If this makes you wonder how much sun is too […]

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How Do Heightened Emotions Affect Heart Health

We often use the expression “It broke my heart” to show exaggerated emotion. However, the expression is not always an exaggeration; it can sometimes have quite a literal meaning as well. Strong emotions that we feel have a direct effect on our heart.    Diseases we think are limited to our minds like depression, stress, […]

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Importance Of Getting Immediate Medication For Emergency Cases From Hospital Pharmacy

It is the middle of the night and you are having a severe headache. What would you do when you realise you are out of painkillers? Try to sleep it off? Probably, yes. This might work for significantly tolerable issues like headaches but if the situation was a bit more serious, ignoring the problem may […]

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What Exercises To Avoid For People With Bone Problems

It is said that exercising helps strengthen the bones and muscles of our body. While this is true, it may not be the best advice for a person with an existing bone condition like osteoporosis. For people with bone problems, many exercises and activities are a risk. Here are the activities you should stay away […]

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Why must you donate blood? What are the advantages to you and the donor? | Specialist Hospital

Why must you donate blood? What are the advantages to you and the donor?

Did you know that one pint of blood from your body can save three lives? So, blood donation, in a way, brings you an opportunity to save lives even without being a doctor! How wonderful is that? Above all, the benefits of blood donation cannot be numbered. The interesting fact is that these benefits are […]

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Effectiveness Of Online Medical Home Consultation | Specialist Hospital

Effectiveness Of Online Medical Home Consultation

The medical world has been evolving rapidly with research being conducted every minute and technological advancements being made every day to come up with newer, more effective treatment options and breakthroughs. When we face an issue that requires professional medical attention, we search for the hospitals that have these latest treatment options and state-of-the-art equipment. […]

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Home Remedies for acid reflux and when to consult a doctor | Specialist Hospital

Home Remedies for acid reflux and when to consult a doctor

Acid reflux or heartburn is a very common condition that occurs to people when acid from the stomach moves back to the food pipe or oesophagus. Acid reflux can lead you into a condition called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease(GERD). The acid can even up to the throat and cause irritation in the lining tissues. It is […]

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What Is Arrhythmia? What Are The Causes And Cures? | Specialist Hospital

What Is Arrhythmia? What Are The Causes And Cures?

Having an irregular heartbeat when you are about to do something out of the ordinary or when you are scared is common. However, if you notice something irregular with your heartbeat even under normal circumstances, you might have Arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is the abnormal beating of the heart that is caused by the improper working of […]

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