Lifestyle Changes For Better Heart Health

May 15, 2021

It goes without saying that maintaining good heart health is essential for a healthy life. The kind of lifestyle we are often forced to follow leads us to deal with many health issues. 


Everyone knows what to do for a healthy heart— a balanced diet, proper exercise, and everything else we were taught in school; but how exactly do we follow this healthy lifestyle while leading a busy life? That question needs a totally different answer. Keep reading to find out.


What Changes Should We Make and How To Make Them?


  1. Eating habits: No, you don’t have to completely change your diet. Instead, start slow with small changes. If you have dessert every day, change it to once a week. If you don’t have the time to cook and are forced to order from restaurants, order healthier options than fast foods. Switch sugary drinks to water or fresh juices. If you cook, then switch to healthier oils, and other alternatives. Eating healthy is key for a healthy heart and these tiny changes will help without it all being overwhelming.
  2. Being active: Hitting the gym is amazing but not everyone can. However, staying active is imperative for your heart. Cardio exercises don’t necessarily need a gym. Finding one hour from your day for exercises is ideal. With the option of gym apps, online classes, YouTube tutorials, finding a workout routine that suits you is easy and accessible. You can also walk while you are on a call and switch to stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  3. Cigarettes and Alcohol: Everyone knows that both smoking and drinking are very harmful to our health, especially heart health. But quitting is easier said than done. Most often, people indulge in it because of stress. Spend time understanding what is causing you to smoke and drink and try to resolve it. Quitting will be much easier if you solve the root cause.
  4. Check your cholesterol and blood pressure: These are two common diseases that can lead to heart problems. If you pay attention to the ingredients that go into your food, most of these problems can be controlled. Slowly start reducing salt and oil intake if you have high blood pressure and cholesterol. Approach a doctor for professional help.
  5. Stress: The number of people with heart issues has only increased with time. Many of these are young people as well. The main reason for it is the stressful life most of us lead. While our work life is not always under our control, you can start practising yoga, meditation, or even seeing a therapist to better control your mental health. Getting 8 hours of sleep is also key for a healthy heart.


If this list looks like a lot of work, know that most of these changes come naturally to you when you change just one aspect. For example, if you reduce stress, you won’t feel the need or urge to smoke or drink. When smoking and alcohol intake stops, your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are bound to get better. 


If you do have any heart problems, the first and foremost thing to do is consult the best cardiologist we have at the Specialist Hospital. Our expert cardiologists provide you with everything that you will need to know about keeping your heart healthy while considering your personal lifestyle.



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