Joint Care When Working Out From Home

May 25, 2021

Our lifestyle has had massive changes recently. From work-from-home to virtual parties, everything is restricted within the four walls of our house. One such restriction was not being able to go to the gym. 

Fitness fanatics missed going to the gym while others who were bored started picking up online workout videos and attempting them at home. While it is essential to be active by exercising, it is important to make sure that what you are doing is right.

Working out without the supervision of a trainer can lead to joint pain. Hence, here are 6 things you should know when you are working out at home to avoid dealing with joint pain.


  1. Past or existing injuries: If you have had any injuries like dislocation, muscle/ligament tear, then you may have to avoid doing certain exercises that strain the injured area. In some cases, light exercises for those parts can help heal the injury fast. To know what should and shouldn’t be done, consult an expert.
  2. Conditions like arthritis: If you are a person who has joint problems like arthritis, then you will only be allowed to do certain types of light exercises. Following other kinds of workout routines at home could lead to severe issues for your joints.
  3. Stretching before and after workouts: One of the biggest mistakes people make when working out from home is not giving yourself enough time to stretch. Proper stretching of all joints and muscles that you work on is key. If not, the chance of pulling a muscle, stressing joints, and more are highly likely.
  4. Warm-ups and cool-downs: If you are weight training at home or following intense workout routines, it is important to prepare your body for the workout by warming up and allow your body to cool down post-workout. Going straight into the workouts without warming up or cooling down can be an unexpected strain on your joints.
  5. Wearing the right shoes: Working out at home often makes us not care about what we wear when doing so. However, not wearing the right kind of shoes can injure your ankle and knee joints. Even wearing gym clothes can add to your comfort.
  6. Proper breaks and rests: Taking breaks after every set of exercise does not make you weak. Rather, taking breaks is essential for a healthy session. A minimum of one or two rest days per week is crucial for your body’s recovery. Your joints need time to rest and recover for them to function well.


Having joint pain can be discouraging and will often make you stop working out altogether. However, the right kind of exercises and workout routines based on your joint pain has proven to be effective for quick recoveries. Consult India’s leading doctors from the Specialist Hospital for your joint pain. We will recommend you the best treatment options and guide you through workout routines you can do from home, worry-free!

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