How Does Stress Affect Your Heart?

December 11, 2020

Stress is an enemy of a good heart, good health, and happiness. Not only does stress ruin things in the head but also harms the heart. Stress is an emotion and is very present in everyone’s life. While stress is quite normal and can come physically due to a disturbed sleep cycle or emotional unrest or the everyday obligation that you might burden yourself with like too much expectations or peer pressures but if it becomes a constant in your life, you might mess things up with your hormones and eating patterns. While some people tend to eat more while experiencing stress, some might just not eat at all! This extreme response can lead to medical conditions like blood cholesterol, high sugar, fluctuating blood pressure, and much more. All these can directly build up day by day and lead to heart diseases with a build-up of plaque deposit in the arteries. 

Stress also triggers heart problems where the blood flow to the heart muscles reduces and in turn puts pressure on the heart due to lack of oxygen or blood leading to the formation of blood clots and head attack. 

While some of the most common responses to stress are pains, low energy, anxiety and depression, impatience, and poor sleep patterns. Different people respond to stress differently. While some start to smoke more or drink more, some might on the other hand become calm and quite keeping off the negativity which is quite beneficial in keeping the heart-healthy. 

There are some of the ways you can keep calm and keep your stress levels under control. Do plenty of exercises. Exercising is a great stress buster. It helps in keeping you energetic and very happy about yourself helping you fall in love with your body. Start with a 30-40-minute exercise regime for at least 4 days a week which will help you keep a check on your weight, help you eat right, improve cholesterol levels, and happy blood pressure. Also invest time in building great relationships, friends that you can talk to when needed and keep the stress at bay. The happy people around you will automatically resonate with the positive vibes resulting in a more self-consumed person and very stress-free. Also if at any stage in life you feel depressed or feel anxious, seeking help should be your first point of contact. There is no denying the fact that seeking treatment for depression is very fruitful and helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. 

Make sure you seek help when needed and keep up your spirit to keep your heart healthy and smiling!

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