Gynaecology: Planning on a family, why should you visit your gynac first

September 22, 2020

Getting pregnant is not a momentous decision. It involves a lot of planning and mental preparation. While a baby brings great joy, it can certainly be a daunting and overwhelming process just to get pregnant. If you are looking to get pregnant and start a family, you must visit your gynecologist first.  Seeking help from a doctor before conceiving will help the mother through her pregnancy days and also helps her in delivering a healthy baby. It also helps in making the new parents mentally ready. Every concern and question regarding preconception, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and more can be clarified during this doctor’s visit. Here are a few reasons why you should visit your gynecologist before expanding your family.

  • Discuss the lifestyle changes to be adapted

There might be a few lifestyle choices that need to be changed or revised for the betterment of the process. A doctor will be able to give a broader view about this. Some of the habits of either of the partners like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. can adversely affect pregnancy. A gynecologist will also be able to guide you on the right do’s and don’t

  • Medications, diet, exercise: dos and don’ts

It is very important to discuss the medications consumed by both the partners prior pre-conception. Discussing the mother’s exercise and diet regime and gaining better insights about the same can also save the couple from having an accidental miscarriage. Whether it is prescribing basic vitamins or advising against some medicines, a gynecologist will be able to explain what actually needs to be done.

  • Medical as well as family history of parents

A history of irregular periods, vaginal infections, erectile dysfunction, etc. should be brought to the notice of the gynaecologist. Reviewing personal and family history of diseases of both parties might help the doctor in finding out the risks that can be involved during the pregnancy. Gynaecologists will be able to advise medications, treatments or even tips based on that.

  • Intake of Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements

Gynaecologists usually advise for the intake of prenatal vitamins for 3 months prior conceiving. This is because prenatal vitamins like folic acid, for example, helps in preventing neural tube defects which might occur during the first few weeks of pregnancy, sometimes even before a positive pregnancy test.

  • Charting ovulation days

Charting menstrual cycles with a gynecologist to detect the ovulation days can help the couple find out the most likely time to get pregnant.

It is also important to have knowledge about steps to be taken once the pregnancy is tested positive. Consultation with a gynecologist prior conceiving helps in getting an overall idea about pregnancy and related procedures. It is always better to seek expert medical advice when it comes to pregnancy.

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