Frequently asked questions about robotic surgeries

February 23, 2021

Do you feel like even the simplest activities like walking and climbing stairs take your blood, sweat, and tears? The pain, the efforts, the time, everything has probably made your life harder. It might be arthritis caused by age or some injury that hurts your knee. If you have already visited a doctor, it is very likely that you have been recommended a knee-replacement surgery, probably robotic knee-replacement surgery.

Now you might have a thousand queries in your mind. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. How? When? Where? Should I really get surgery? Can I walk? How quickly? Here are a few most common questions answered about robotic or robot-assisted surgeries.

What does robotic surgery actually mean? Is it performed by robots?
Robotic surgery or robot-assisted surgery is a type of surgery performed with help of robot assistance. It enables the doctors to carry out complex surgeries with more precision, flexibility, and control. At Specialist Hospital we use NAVIO Systems and are South India’s only hospital to use this advanced robotic surgery technique. Additionally, no. These procedures are not performed by robots. The doctor completely controls the surgery. Robotic surgery doesn’t mean that doctors are replaced by robots. It means doctors perform the surgery with the help of robotic technology.

Who should perform the surgery?
Robotic surgery is one that requires experience and skill. At Specialist Hospital, Dr Prashant, a highly trained surgeon performs the surgery. With decades of experience in dealing with complex and complicated surgeries, professionals like Dr Prashant should be at the helm of affairs for any surgery. Definitely seek expert help if you are considering getting knee replacement surgery.

Is it minimally invasive and painless?
Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive. It means that the surgery uses small incisions, cameras, and miniature instruments. It is a less intrusive procedure that helps in controlling potential sources of bleeding. Although the procedure is not completely painless, since it is minimally invasive, robotic surgeries cause less pain and result in faster recovery.

Why should I choose robotic surgery for my knee/hip replacement over traditional minimally invasive surgical procedures?
Robotic surgeries, like any other minimally invasive surgical procedures, are safer, less invasive, and more precise. Besides these benefits, robotic surgeries allow the surgeons to stay seated in a console and control the system or the arms of the robot with their own hands while having a 3D vision after making a few incisions. These things are impossible if not for robotic surgeries.

Does robotic surgeries guarantee faster recovery?
Yes. Robotic surgeries guarantee quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay, and faster return to work and daily activities.

Am I a right candidate for robotic surgery?
Robotic surgeries are mostly beneficial to everyone. But just like many other minimally invasive surgeries, it is not recommended to children, pregnant women, patients who have mental or neuro disorders that do not allow control of the knee or joint replacement. However, it is best to check with your doctor before you take the decision.

Which is the best system for knee/hip replacement robotic surgery?
The NAVIO system is one of the best systems for people undergoing knee replacement surgery. It enables the surgeon in creating a highly individualised model that is specific to the unique shape and motion of your knees. Also, its advanced technology is designed to improve accuracy of the surgery and provide you with long term outcomes.

Is it safe and are the outcomes long-term?
Yes. Robotic surgeries are considered as one of the safest options, especially when compared to surgical procedures. It also offers reduced tissue damage, risk of infection, and exposure to radiation.

The above-mentioned questions might be the most common questions that popped to your mind when you thought about robotic surgeries. If you have more queries or concerns about knee/hip replacement robotic surgeries, feel free to connect with Specialist Hospital. These surgeries are performed by the finest doctors who are also internationally recognised for providing treatment to patients suffering from all kinds of orthopaedic and spinal conditions.

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