Everything You Need to Know About Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

November 5, 2020

Getting a Knee Replacement can be a scary thing, but with new techniques and technologies in the medical industry, getting a knee replacement isn’t a scary or painful procedure any longer. Latest technologies like Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery are overtaking the conventional knee replacement at a great velocity. If you or any of your loved one need a knee replacement, this blog will help you understand everything about the procedure. Here is the what, why and how of Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement.

Robotic Knee Replacement is the latest technology, introduced to improve the accuracy of the surgery and is known to significantly exceed the alignment and joint line restoration. It also has the potential to speed up the recovery process compared to standard procedures. It is an individually tailored approach. The robotic procedure allows the surgeon to take the patient’s anatomy, their soft tissue structure and customize the surgery accordingly.

Using robotic technology to repair the damaged bone surfaces allows the knee replacement surgeon to be extremely accurate. The surgery offers 100% precision & offers an exact custom fit. Due to this, the implant durability & longevity can be extended. In addition, we can place the implants in near-perfect orientation in all sizes which leads to a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Who Needs Knee Replacement Surgery?

This surgery is usually advised to people above the age of 50 who suffer from severe Osteoarthritis. Also, it is for those people who have a painful, stiff knee that makes it extremely difficult for them to perform even the simplest activities and medications/treatments no longer give you any relief. In such cases you can consider a Knee Replacement Surgery.

Benefits Of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

– Consistency, Precision, Simplicity and Natural-Feeling Results
– Safe and Scalable
– Reproducible and Unparalleled outcomes
– Painless surgery and Minimal Blood Loss
– Stable Walking / Climbing and Lesser Muscle Strain after the surgery
– Less hospital stay with rapid recovery
– Preserve ligaments, bones and knee caps
– Faster recovery time

What To Expect After The Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

You can expect to stand on your feet within a day. Most patients begin exercising the day after the surgery. You might need someone’s help to stand initially, but gradually you will be able to stand by yourself without any support. A physical therapist will prescribe exercises to help restore knee strength and function, and increase the range of motion in your knees. It’s important to move your knee regularly to prevent swelling and to strengthen your muscles. However, it is absolutely normal to experience stiffness, swelling and tightness at times.

Consult The Expert Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Prashant R, Director, Chief Surgeon of Specialist Hospital is the most experienced orthopaedic surgeon in Karnataka, India in providing expert treatment for joint pain. He is the first knee replacement surgeon in the State of Karnataka who has performed robotic joint replacement surgery. The team at Specialist has highly qualified, experienced, and well trained orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeons who are experienced enough to perform any kind of knee or joint replacement surgeries.

Dr. Prashant R is the youngest robotic knee replacement surgeon at Specialist. He has transformed many lives by serving them an independent and pain-free movement. He is a well known and renowned knee and robotic knee joint replacement surgeon in India. His experience of more than 10,000 joint replacement surgeries makes him the best surgeon who performs the treatment expertly and always focuses on bringing advancement in the treatment techniques. Specialist’s aim is to always serve the best quality of treatment and care to the patients to make their life carefree and pain-free.

What is NAVIO Surgical System and its Advantages

The NAVIO Surgical System is a tool the surgeon uses to correctly size and position the total knee implant with computer and robotic assistance. The NAVIO system doesn’t perform the procedure, instead, it assists the surgeon by providing accuracy and precision, which is crucial for the success of the surgery. The NAVIO system provides two most advantages for people undergoing knee replacement surgery:

⦁ It helps your surgeon in creating a highly individualized model that is specific to the unique shape and motion of your knee. While other robotic-assisted platforms require CT scans, the NAVIO system does not have any need for them, meaning you will not be harmed by any harmful radiation with this type of imaging.

⦁ This advanced technology is designed to improve the accuracy of the surgery and it gives you better long-term outcomes.

What Dr. Prashanth Says About NAVIO System

It is not for children, pregnant women, patients who have mental or neuro disorders that do not allow control of the knee or joint replacement. Consult Dr. Prashanth, the best orthopaedic surgeon in Bangalore, for details to determine if NAVIO is right for you. According to Dr. Prashanth, this technology enables the specialist to precisely remove only the damaged components of the damaged bone, This technique provides a more normal feeling knee and quicker recovery for the patient. NAVIO-enabled Knee Replacement also includes some complications like any other surgical procedure.

This is everything about Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement in a nutshell. Now that you know all about it, you can decide for yourself. You can always consult your doctor before taking any decision.

Consult Specialist Hospital for the best knee replacement surgeon in Bangalore. Our Robotic Surgery is the best not only in Bangalore but all over India.

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