Breast Cancer Awareness: Free Tests Drive At Specialist Hospital

February 10, 2021

Breast Cancer has become one of the biggest health concerns among women in India. While in other countries, the incidence of cancer doubles in 20 years, in India, the cases have been growing rapidly. As per a report by the National Cancer Registry Programme, the number of cancer cases is likely to increase from 13.9 lakh in 2020 to 15.7 lakh in 2025. And the sad part is that breast cancer or other cancer cases are mostly diagnosed in the later stages, making the treatment difficult.

It has been observed by many experts in this field that early detection of breast cancer has a great survival rate of 99 percent. It can help you combat breast cancer and allow you to live a normal life. However, there isn’t much awareness about breast cancer among women. There is a serious gap in the awareness of breast cancer among women and how to prevent it.

To spread awareness among women and motivate them to come forward, on the occasion of World Cancer Day 2021, Specialist Hospital conducted a Free Breast Cancer Screening Camp for Women. Many people have lost their mothers, sisters, wives, sisters-in-law and friends to breast cancer. This initiative by Specialist Hospital was taken to make women conscious of breast cancer and also a way of giving back to society. The camp was held on 4th, and 5th February 2021 between 9 am and 5 pm. The Breast Cancer Screening Camp included a Mammogram, Pap Smear, Chest X-ray, Ultrasound Scan and consultation. All these tests were conducted cost Rs. 5150/-, but were provided to women for free.

Dr Shafiq A M, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Specialist Hospital, says the fact that the incidence of cancer has been increasing to approximately about 10-14% in the last ten years has triggered a need to spread awareness among women. This initiative also helped educate women to get themselves checked early so that if diagnosed, the treatment becomes easier and helps combat breast cancer.

In the past few years, women of younger age groups have also been diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr Usha M R, Consultant OBG, Specialist Hospital, highlights the plausible causes. She says it is mainly the lifestyle changes that have caused even younger women being detected with breast cancer. While up to 10% of breast cancer could be hereditary, over 90% of cases are due to various lifestyle factors like obesity, hereditary lifestyle, smoking, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and alcohol consumption.

This initiative by Specialist Hospital was well received by women and we had over 218 women walk-in on 4th and 5th February. Many women who were a part of this Free Breast Cancer Screening Camp, understood the fact that prevention is better than cure. While other women said that if they are in good health, they can take care of their families health. Breast Cancer is increasing, and it is time women come forward for regular checkups. If you notice anything unusual such as any change in shape or size, dimpling, any lumps, change in nipple appearance or direction, or discharge from one or both nipples, please reach out to your doctor immediately.

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