7 Things People With Heart Diseases Should Follow Because Of Covid-19

April 26, 2021

Though Covid-19 is a respiratory disease affecting the lung, it also has the ability to latch onto cells and spread throughout the body. When it affects the lung, the heart has to work harder to supply blood to the body. This is an added effort to the heart which can have drastic effects on people with cardiovascular issues. 

If you have heart disease, here are 7 things you should strictly follow to make sure you are safe:   

  1. Following proper medication: Follow your heart disease medicines to a T and get regular updates from your doctor. At any given time, have at least a month’s worth of medicines stocked up.
  2. Preventive measure: Staying indoors, limiting meeting other people, washing hands regularly, wearing a mask, and using a sanitiser are rules that apply to all but should be even more strictly followed by people with heart disease. 
  3. Taking other medicines: Ever since the pandemic started, there are multiple tablets being distributed by the government to help strengthen the immunity of people. However, if you are on heart disease medications, always consult your cardiologist before introducing a new medicine. If you are covid positive, then it is key that you discuss your heart disease medicines with your doctor to make sure that the medicines taken for covid do not clash with the rest.
  4. Take the vaccine: As soon as you are eligible for the vaccine, take them. Unless and until your cardiologist tells you otherwise, make sure you are vaccinated at the earliest.
  5. Don’t believe in blind statements: There are many social media messages that say that certain heart disease medicine increases the risk of covid. Unless such a statement comes directly from your doctor, do not alter your medications by yourself. 
  6. Seeking urgent care: One of the biggest mistakes heart patients make is not seeking urgent medical help when they have any discomfort or pain. Don’t wait for the pain to intensify, seek help before that.
  7. Physical activity and good diet: The number one rule for a healthy heart is getting good exercise and following a healthy diet. Follow this now more than ever.  

All in all, be aware of your health, talk to your doctor regularly, and don’t take any symptoms lightly. Follow the preventive measures to ensure your and your loved one’s safety. 


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